F.E.C. Leuckart München

Seven generations of one family have formed more than 200 years of firm history.

On February 28th, 1782 Franz Ernst Christoph Leuckart (1748 - 1817) establishes a music shop at Breslau, Publishing begins soon after this date. Until the present day the house bears the name of F.E.C. Leuckart. From 1817 on, his widow Friederike Rosina (who died in 1825) runs the business, succeded by both her children, Carl August Ferdinand and Auguste Henriette; in 1826 the husband of the latter, Johann Carl Wilhelm Sander (1786 - 1859), inherits her portion. After her brother's death, Mrs. Sander receives his share in the business. Subsequently, the publishing house never ceases to be run, in a straight line, by members of the Sander family. Her son Constantin Sander (1826 - 1905) takes over in 1856. Later, in 1870, the firm makes Leipzig their headquarters. Through buying up nemerous music publishing houses, Constantin Sander is able to expand his own business. In 1887 his son Martin Sander (1859 - 1930 opens 'Leuckart's Musiksortiment', in addition to the publishing programme. It will exist until 1945. When his mother dies in 1916 he starts managing both his music distributing house and the publishing house. His son Horst Sander (1904 - 1945) succeds him. And from 1948 on, we find his brother Erich Sander (born 1902) reorganizing the firm in Munich. In 1983, his son Marco Sander (born 1940) hold the position in the management.
Our field of publishing comprises classical and modern works - orchestral music, solo concerts, choral music a cappella and with orchestral accompaniment, songs (solo), instrumental music.

from guestbook of Alma Maria Sander :
dedication of Hans Pfitzner

dedication of Richard Strauss